Warren Township Fire Department is a combination department staffed with 9 full time members and multitude of part time and volunteer personnel. Full time and part time personnel staff two stations 24 hours a day, and can respond, when off shift, to any incident. Volunteers respond from home to any incident.

Station 18


54837 Quince Rd, South Bend, IN 46628

Station 19


59330 Crumstown Hwy, North Liberty, IN 46554

Reflective Address Signs


Every second counts during a fire, police or medical emergency. Valuable time can be lost if your house number is not clearly posted where emergency responders can see it. Police officers, firefighters and EMS responders can't provide lifesaving services to you and your family if they cannot find your house. 

Warren Township Fire Department is offering to provide you with a highly-visible sign in order for responders to locate your residence in a more timely manner, potentially saving time... and lives!

The cost to purchase one is $20.

To purchase one, please stop by or call in your information so we can make the sign before you stop by to pick up the order.

Car Seats


Car Seat Safety

Did you know that up to 90% of child car seats are installed improperly!?

Warren Township Fire Department has certified technicians that can check for proper installation of car seats. We check for proper installation, proper fit for the child, and also check their current seat for any recalls and expiration.

Schedule an Appointment

To schedule an appointment to get your child's car seat looked at, please call 574-232-4028 to schedule.